Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pinoy Men's Fashion Must Know About Underwear

Underwear is a piece of clothes worn to keep outer clothes from dirt in any form, it also shape the body as it also protect and provide comfort to certain part of the body especially our genitals. There are many kinds of underwear for men which includes the following: bikini underwear,G string, tanga, thong, boxer brief, boxer shorts, briefs and jockstrap.

Given those types, a men should know how to take care this kind of clothing for even most of the time it is unseen but it plays an important role in once comfort and fashion statement. A men should be fashionable and comfortable on what he is wearing. The following are some tips on Men's Underwear.

1. Choose the style and brand of underwear that fit your body type and activities that you are engage with, because there are different types of underwear that cater different needs. Always consider the style in which you are comfortable and make sure that it fits your body very well, meaning it is not too large nor too small, too tight nor too loose for you. Do consider also the style that is appropriate with the activities you are doing. 

2. Replace old underwear or shop for new underwear. Underwear usually last for only few months especially when you only have few pairs. You must shop for new underwear as to replace the old one that can already be fry for they are like bacons already. A regular guy should have at least 10 pairs of undies but for those who are working out and athletic, more than 10 is needed.

3. Wear clean underwear, NEVER wear your underwear two times! It's should be wore only onces for it already accumulated dirt and soiled. Do changes your underwear once a day or as you change your outfit. To avoid this do shop for new underwear so that you will not run out of undies or wash your undies regularly when you have only few pairs.

4. Wear boxers when sleeping but don't wear under trouser for you will not look fashionable for that baggy look down there. You can wear boxers on jeans which is not too fitted. 

5.Underwear should not be show off for it doesn't look good at all and not so sexy as others wrong notion on that. Underwear should be covered with the trousers or jeans and not showing off your undies showing the whole work you are wearing a branded underwear.

6. Lastly, do wear underwear always, for you will be in big trouble and caught in an embarassing situation when you don't do so. Not just that, ofcourse it provide protection from dirt that can be accumulated by the outer clothes.

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