Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pinoy Men's Fashion Show 2011

D&G - Fall Winter 2010/2011 

Burberry - Fall Winter 2010/2011

Versace - Fall Winter 2010/2011 

Prada - Fall Winter 2010/2011

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pinoy Men's Fashion Tips

Here are some videos in which Aaron Marino reviews and discusses on Men's Fashion and Style Advice from the expert.

Tips on Bathing Suit

Tips on Boots

Tips on Colognes

Tips on How to Cut Your Own Hair

Nuffnang Ads

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pinoy Men's Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some videos in which Aaron Marino reviews and discusses common fashion mistakes that we as men make from time to time. Understanding what not to do is sometimes as important as knowing what to do. Here are some videos on Men's Fashion and Style Advice from the expert.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pinoy Men's Fashion Guide on Dressing Up Skinny Men

Slim body type is sometimes described as ectomorphic. If you're height, medium or short, this body is characterized by a light structure, muscle mass, small joints, long legs, flat chest and small shoulders. Ectomorphic also usually a fast metabolism and difficult weight gain. No matter what they eat, or how they lift weights.

Skinny body type is much easier to dress than a big one, only because the clothes hang better bodies lose weight. Another advantage of having a thin body is that it's easy to style, fashion clothing, not only because it looks good on you, it's available in any store. And if you're in high-end clothes, gathered in more acquisitions, because your body is what the designers want to dress as well as aesthetics and sample / standard size reasons.

Despite a clear contribution to the thin body type, there are still some challenges, however. In particular, wearing ill-fitting leads to move like a boy playing on an adult. And it is still very serious problem with this body type faces is finding clothes that fit a wide distribution at affordable prices. Some brands like Zara, H & M, Uniqlo and Topman, cater thin body type, and inexpensive.

Regardless of your body type, proper fitting is very important to be a properly dressed man. Properly tailored dress and ready to wear clothes are the answer to show of your best features with that kind of body type.

Slim Fit clothes are the best size or style that fit that kind of body type usually found on mass retailers like Folded and Hung, Bench, Penshoppe, Topman, Oxygen, Solo and other clothing retailers. When it comes to denim/jeans do choose the straight leg or slim fit boot cut jeans and avoid skinny jeans that make you look more thinner or worse malnourished.

Do consider your hairstyle also, it must be the style that show your prominent cheekbones and jawline because a skinny men has slimmer and angular faces. And lastly watch out for Fashion Trends to give you an idea on what kind of style fit you best for the season.Whatever your body type is, you must look your best all the time, it's not an excuse but more of a reason  to dress to impress!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pinoy Men's Fashion Tips on Hair Loss

Hair Loss is a major problem among men and usually start at the age of 22 and 35 in which more that half of the men's population show signs of hair loss. To address this problem men should be conscious and prevent from being bald as soon they seen  the signs of hair loss. The following are some tips to prevent hair loss for men.

1. Take care you hair by not using hair coloring, hairdryers and other products that can easily damage your hair and can lead to hair loss. Never color your hair  more often than 6 to 8 weeks. As much as possible is it better not to color your hair and maintain it's natural color and glow.

2. Brush your hair and rug with a towel gently because putting so much pressure can  cause hair loss. It is better if you don't comb your hair, as to avoid combing just keep your hair short as much as possible.

3. Eat food that can prevent hair loss. Protein rich food like egg, fish, beans, meat, tofu and others like raisins which is rich in iron,bean sprouts ,seafood and potatoes. And ofcourse a balance diet with food rich in protein, iron, silica,vitamin C and Calcium that help in strengthening the hair follicles and roots in the scalp.

4. Be careful on choosing the styling products that you use to your hair because some ingredients are harmful or can damage your hair. If you see signs of hair loss choose hair loss prevention products that is appropriate with the kind of hair ans scalp that you have. 

5. And lastly, having a Healthy Lifestyle is also a key for a healthy glowing hair. Have enough sleep, rest, exercise and manage stress as much as possible cause it is also a factor that can trigger hair loss.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pinoy Men's Fashion Must Know About Underwear

Underwear is a piece of clothes worn to keep outer clothes from dirt in any form, it also shape the body as it also protect and provide comfort to certain part of the body especially our genitals. There are many kinds of underwear for men which includes the following: bikini underwear,G string, tanga, thong, boxer brief, boxer shorts, briefs and jockstrap.

Given those types, a men should know how to take care this kind of clothing for even most of the time it is unseen but it plays an important role in once comfort and fashion statement. A men should be fashionable and comfortable on what he is wearing. The following are some tips on Men's Underwear.

1. Choose the style and brand of underwear that fit your body type and activities that you are engage with, because there are different types of underwear that cater different needs. Always consider the style in which you are comfortable and make sure that it fits your body very well, meaning it is not too large nor too small, too tight nor too loose for you. Do consider also the style that is appropriate with the activities you are doing. 

2. Replace old underwear or shop for new underwear. Underwear usually last for only few months especially when you only have few pairs. You must shop for new underwear as to replace the old one that can already be fry for they are like bacons already. A regular guy should have at least 10 pairs of undies but for those who are working out and athletic, more than 10 is needed.

3. Wear clean underwear, NEVER wear your underwear two times! It's should be wore only onces for it already accumulated dirt and soiled. Do changes your underwear once a day or as you change your outfit. To avoid this do shop for new underwear so that you will not run out of undies or wash your undies regularly when you have only few pairs.

4. Wear boxers when sleeping but don't wear under trouser for you will not look fashionable for that baggy look down there. You can wear boxers on jeans which is not too fitted. 

5.Underwear should not be show off for it doesn't look good at all and not so sexy as others wrong notion on that. Underwear should be covered with the trousers or jeans and not showing off your undies showing the whole work you are wearing a branded underwear.

6. Lastly, do wear underwear always, for you will be in big trouble and caught in an embarassing situation when you don't do so. Not just that, ofcourse it provide protection from dirt that can be accumulated by the outer clothes.

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Pinoy Men's Fashion Essentials for Rainy Season

 It is rainy season now but it is not an excuse not to look great or fashionable. The key for this season is to look stylish by dressing in layers but do not overdo as not to look fat or overdress. Here are the must have for this season to look stunning as usual.

Sweater. First in my list is a sweater that is not too thick or heavy so that it can be removed in the late afternoon when is it not that too cold. A V-neck sweater is in style for this season and Korean Fashion style sweater that are available for us Pinoy Men in different clothing stores and even online shopping websites.

Hoodie. Next on my list, is a hoodie, it is basically a sweat shirt also with the hood, Even it's not ready season a hoodie looks fashionable that is usually wore during late night when you go out just to chill, take a walk or buy something in the nearby store. It is not just fashionable since it will keep you warm given its pockets where your hands should be worn. You can mix and match it with your existing clothes to have it more stylish or wore it on it's own is okay.

Jacket/Blazer. One of the classic must have is a jacket/blazer. Now a day, most jackets are body fit and not baggy as they were before. A fitted jacket is more fashionable that a huge one that make you look fat. Choose the right style that fit your body type.

4. Dark Ragged Jeans. Since you can expect rains, dirt and mud this season, pick up your dark pair of pants that can make stain unnoticeable. This only means that you will side aside your white pants and other light colored denims.

5. Long sleeve T-shirt. For this season a crew neck waffle-knit is in style. This is used as a based layer in which you can put over or underneath it to make it more stylish. It's body-hugging fit keep you warm as it trap heat.

Foot Wear. Here in the Philippines, we seldom see men wearing a boots, but in really it should be wear in rainy season and not just for the farmers, fisherman and vendors in the market. There are boots that are for this season that are fashionable to wear. For us Pinoy Men we are comfortable wearing sandals during rainy season but boots are more appropriate to be fashionable and protect our feet.

Accessories. You can also use accessories to make the overall style for the season. Use a beanie and scarf for example that fit the clothes that you are wearing. And lastly don't forget to bring your umbrella during these days for the weather is unpredictable. Enjoy the season, be safe and be as fashionable as you can be!

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